Everyone has their own story…

It was 2004 when my father, a big fan of making things, an architecture enthusiast and a passionate builder, Karel Myšák, fell in love with the historical building with the conscription number 2. It was love at first sight. He knew that he wanted to build an exceptional place where people would meet and experience unforgettable moments. A place that would be enchanting, just as the town of Příbor is. He wanted to breathe new life into this burgher’s house whose history stretches back to the 15th century, when the first stone houses started to appear in Příbor.

He threw himself into the refurbishment work, which was very demanding, and faced many problems and challenges during it. His credo was: “If you believe in your dreams, you won’t be frightened of hard work. That’s the only way to achieve your dreams.”  The house of his dreams obtained its approval certificate in 2018. A magical place where there is design harmony was created.

Fickle fate unfortunately struck in February 2019. My dad departed this world. He left an exceptional legacy behind him. If you believe in your dreams and aren’t frightened of hard work, you’ll achieve your dreams.

No words can capture the feelings I had when I first entered this magical place. Perhaps wonder, enchantment.  I still have goosebumps when I remember the moment. The feeling that Alice in Wonderland had when she entered her dreamworld.

The refurbished external plasterwork indicates the building’s historical origin. The chateau vaulting with Travertine plasterwork revived my childhood dream to live like a princess in a chateau one day. The space is surprising also in terms of the way it is broken up and its size, which not many people expect when they see it from the street. The atmosphere of the underground cellar transports me to South Moravia. It seems to want you to have a glass of wine with your friends or work colleagues.

The unique spirit of each of the apartments allows everybody to choose what feels closest to them. The velvet apartment Soft will get you with its subtlety. The Industrial apartment is a contrast and links up minimalism, clean lines and industrial space design.

The Mariane apartment is a symbol of luxury. A space where modern technology, unusual materials and elements made to order are combined. A unique and breath-taking view from the window of the beauties of the Beskydy mountains and the town of Příbor. A person gets up and goes to sleep with the sun. This warming feeling is enhanced when drinking tea or coffee.

It’s no longer just my dad’s dream. I’m living his dream now too. We’re in it together. Mariane 2 is a place that will be exceptional and unforgettable for every client that enters here. For every bride and groom, birthday person and company that is looking for a unique place for its employees to build partner relations.

Come and experience the unique atmosphere of the place or just draw inspiration for the creation of your own magical place. Together we will help realise the dream of one exceptional person. Each of us two has his role in this beautiful project. The spirit of my father, his work, is here.

Dreams give us hope, the meaning of life.